Safe, Secure, Always!

The Ola platform brings together tens of thousands of drivers and millions of customers to make on-demand services efficient, effortless and economical for all. What we have built is a full-fledged technology platform that is mobile focused to be able to solve a real problem out there, at scale. Needless to say, our priority and focus have always been on our customers and driver-partners on the platform. This includes the ability to connect them in real-time to each other and the responsibility that comes with the massive amount of data that is crunched, day in and day out.

We have in the past few weeks come across a few posts that question the security of information on the Ola platform.  Specifically these issues were centered around lack of HTTPS/TLS, Wallet recharge related security issues and cryptographic keys.

We would like to take a moment to assure you that all vulnerabilities pointed out were fixed in totality in the subsequent releases. As a fast growing technology company, we have been working steadily on building a great product for customers and drivers and at the same time, improving this consistently with every release. We have security experts in house and continue to work with the best of security experts in the industry to make Ola safe and secure for our customers.

We would like to assure all users using the latest version of our app of the following:
  1. Sensitive personally identifiable information related to your profile like Login, Ride details, Contacts and Ola Money are transmitted over the Secure Network (SSL/TLS). This would mean that no one can snoop or tamper the requests over the wire.
  2. Sensitive information related to Ola Money are encrypted and stored securely.
  3. We use cryptographically strong salted hash functions to store passwords.
  4. In summary we have taken detailed measures to ensure that your transactions with Ola are protected
We respect the community that proactively brings to our attention, potential risks in spite of there being no organised reward program. At the same time, we seek adherence to responsible disclosure practices that are practiced globally, which includes checking on the same with the company before making public statements.
And before we sign off, a gentle reminder to always update your app to the latest available versions to help us improve your experience every single time!
- Security team @ Ola

Go Cash-free with #OlaAuto

Here’s how:

  1. Download the Ola app: it all starts here.
  2. Recharge Ola money through credit/debit card or online banking.
  3. Book an Auto with the Ola mobile app.
  4. At the end of the trip, you can choose to pay for the ride either partially or completely with your Ola money balance.
  5. If you choose to pay with Ola money, mention the amount to the driver. You will then receive an SMS with an authentication code. Here’s the sample sms:
  “Your authentication code for KRN XXXXXXX is 0000. Your Ola Money bill amount is Rs Z.                Kindly communicate the 4 digit code to the driver to proceed with the transaction”
  1. Share the authentication code with the driver.
  2. Voila! You have now paid for your auto with Ola money.

Please note:

  1. The final payable amount for every ride includes Rs.10 as a convenience charge on top of the metered amount. Autos also levy an extra night charge mandated by the government. Check FAQs
  2. Ola money doesn’t get automatically debited, and the customer has the choice to pay for the ride in cash.
  3. By sharing the authentication code with the driver, you are agreeing to pay the respective amount to the driver in Ola money.
  4. If due to network issue, you don’t receive the SMS, we request to you pay the driver in cash. Your Ola money will not be debited.

First time #OlaAuto user? Get two free rides! Find out how.  


Peak Hour Surcharge: The what, why, and how of it


You may have noticed in the last few months, we have grown visibly bigger. We’ve introduced new categories like Prime and mini, brought in autos and local Kaali Peeli taxis onto the platform, and boosted our fleet size to over one lakh cabs, across 80+ cities.  All this so you are never without a ride.

And yet, there are times when demand is ahead of us. Every day, thousands of customers onboard the Ola platform and choose a new travel lifestyle. It is our intention to link the maximum number of customers with the ride of their choice- even at the busiest hours.  In order to create more availability in times of increased demand, we’ve introduced a peak hour surcharge.

The concept is very similar to the surge pricing that exits in the airline and hospitality industry.  The peak hour surcharge will now be proportional to the demand at the hour. You can now get a ride during peak demand hours by agreeing to pay a surcharge that will be a multiplier of the regular fare. The benefit of this is it helps connect the maximum number of people with transportation of their choice.

At every step, we will keep you informed of the current surcharge applicable.




You will be prompted with a pop up, when you confirm the ride. Please demand to know surcharge rate from the agent. You will be prompted of the surcharge before you confirm. 


Transparency is something we swear by, and we will do all that it takes to get you going whenever, wherever.

Team Ola!

Get TWO Ola Auto Rides Free!

Haven’t tried out  Ola Autos yet? Now maybe a good time since your first two auto rides booked on the Ola app are free!

Here’s how it works: Book an auto from the Ola mobile app and call it to your doorstep. As soon as your ride starts, we’ll credit Rs.50 Ola money to you.  Use this to pay for your ride at the end of the trip (We request you to pay the balance amount in cash, or ola money). And not just once, your second ride within the offer period will be free too!

But here’s the best part:  You no longer will have to stand on the roads and wait for autos, haggle with them, or struggle for change to settle the fare. That’s right, you can also use Ola money to pay for your auto rides partially or completely. The choice is yours. Find out how to use Ola money to pay for your ride.   

So #ChaloNiklo and try an Ola auto today! Do also tweet back to @olacabs your feedback with #OlaAuto .

How to get the app? Visit:

Terms and Conditions of the offer:

  1. Offer is valid for first time users of Ola auto only.
  2. Ride is free upto a maximum of Rs.50. Rs.10 Convenience charge is included in the offer. Rs 50 Ola money will be credited at the start of the trip to the customers account. At the end of the trip, the customer can choose to pay for the ride with this money. Any balance amount must be paid for in cash.
  3. Only on bookings made on the Ola App; Not applicable on CC & Website bookings.
  4. The offer is valid from 9th March – 22nd March 2015.
  5. Customer will have to avail both rides within the offer period. If a customer takes the second ride after 22nd March, offer will not be applicable.
  6. Not applicable on city taxi bookings.
  7. Offer is applicable only in cities Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & Ahemdabad
  8. Olacabs reserves the right to change or modify the offer at any period of time.


Happy Hours in Pune

We wanted to give Pune a treat and so we brought back happy hours! :-)

Whats Happy Hours all about?
Get a FLAT 50% OFF on all cab rides take between 11am and 4pm in Pune. Valid till Feb 20th, 2015

Offer Terms:

  • The offer will be applied automatically. No code is required.
  • The offer is applicable for rides completed between 11 AM to 4 PM in Pune.
  • Applicable only for bookings made for the city of Pune. City limits are as defined by Olacabs.
  • Valid only on city taxi rides booked on the Ola app. 
  • Toll/Parking charges are payable at actuals over and above the offer and on which offer shall not be applicable.
  • Offer cannot be clubbed with any other existing offer of Olacabs- only 1 offer per booking is allowed.
  • Cabs will be provided subject to availability.

Awesome discounts in Mumbai

Ola good people of Mumbai! Here is another killer offer for you because we love you so much!

Offer Details:
Use code Sedan250 to travel at FLAT Rs.250 for the first 15km and Rs 21/km thereafter. Offer is valid till Feb 22nd, 2015 and can be used only on immediate sedan Rides in Mumbai.

Offer Terms:

  • The coupon code has to be applied on the app or informed by the customer at the time of booking through the call center.
  • Offer is applicable only on immediate Sedan rides.
  • The code is applicable on instant bookings made by selecting the RIDE NOW option.
  • The offer code has to be applied or shared before boarding the cab.
  • The offer is applicable for pickup or drop from or to anywhere in Mumbai for a maximum distance of 15 kms, after which regular fare of Rs. 21/km for sedans is applicable.
  • In-trip waiting charge of Rs. 2/min post pickup time is also applicable over. First 10 mins of waiting is free.
  • Rs.250 is payable when the travel distance is less than 15kms and the code has been applied.
  • Mumbai city limits are as defined by Olacabs. Valid only on City Rides.
  • Toll/Parking charges extra. Offer cannot be clubbed with any other existing offer of Olacabs- only 1 offer per booking is allowed.
  • Cabs will be provided subject to availability.
  • Olacabs may, at its sole discretion, withdraw / discontinue any offer / discount. Offer validity is subject to dates being revised by Ola Cabs.

Spread the love, this Valentine’s Day!

It’s the day of love, so we’re doubling your referral credit and giving you a chance to win free rides. Only on Feb 14th. Get referring!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

On this day of love, we have some delightful news for you. 20 lucky customers who refer their loved ones on Feb 14th will stand a chance to win free Ola rides for a month! Well, wait. That not all. If your referred friends sign up and take a ride within the next week (14th February 2015 – 21st February 2015), you will get double referral Ola money, i.e. Rs.200 ola money for every friend you refer!

Rules to Participate:
To participate, simply invite your loved ones on 14th Feb 2015 with your referral code. You can share your referral code via email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

Winners will be chosen by a lucky draw and declared on Facebook and via E-mail.
So get referring!

Terms & Conditions

  • Rs.100 extra referral money will be credited at the end of the Valentine week.
  • Referral amount will be credited only if the referred has completed one ride.
  • Free rides are upto Rs.200 per day and will start from 23 February 2015 to 23 March 2015.
  • Rs.200 vouchers will be sent via email daily.
  • Ola Money is valid only on Cab rides.
  • Ola reserves the right to change the terms & conditions at any point of time.
  • Referral amount given will have the same T&Cs as Ola’s existing referral program.

So go ahead, double the fun this Valentine’s Day, refer your loved ones and spread the love!

We’ve come a long way, baby!

One year, 62 cities, 3000 employees, 5 new categories, and it’s all just the start. 

2014 was a very eventful and exciting for us. When we started the year we were in 5 cities, and had 300 employees. Now we’re in 67 cities, have 3000 employees and and our app serves around 200,000 customers every day!

Here’s what else happened in 2014:

  • We had only sedans in Jan 2014 and now we have more categories like Mini, Prime and Pink.
  • We used to add around 10 cars a day and now we add 1000 cars a day.
  • We have more than 60,000 cabs on the platform currently.
  • We went from 15% market share to almost 70% market share.
  • We started a completely new business with Kaali Peeli and Autos
  • We also made huge gains on mobile, with almost 70% of our bookings coming from mobile app, up from 20% last year
  • Our app serves over 200,000 customers everyday
  • Over 70% drivers on its platform are independent driver entrepreneurs

 As Bhavish says, we have a long way to go.  “Being market leaders, it’s our responsibility to be innovating for improving customer experience all the time.”

 So #ChaloNkilo, the journey continues!





Two ways to a Happier Diwali with #Connect!


What are you missing most this Diwali? The presence of a dear friend, the lit-up doorstep of the house you grew up in or how you met relatives with greetings and sweets.  At Ola, we know that Diwali is joy in togetherness and remembering all those who make your life special.  And so we bring to you a special treat this Diwali– update your app to say Ola to  #connect ! With this magic button,  you can send a delicious Diwali gift hamper to anyone, and we’ll get it delivered in one hour to your loved ones in 14 cities!

Now we ask ourselves if we can make this sweeter for you and yes, we can! Here’s presenting (drumroll please!) the #OlaConnect Contest!  cr 01

Ever done something absolutely nutty to be with a loved one on a special occasion? Landed home to wish your mom at midnight on her birthday or delivered a message of love over a long distance call? Threw a crazy birthday surprise party for a friend or delighted someone with a thoughtful yet unexpected present? Share your whacky #connect stories and we’ll give one lucky winner the chance to fly and meet their loved one this Diwali!

Rules to Participate:

To participate, like us on Facebook, share the contest post and comment your #connect stories on Olacabs FB page

To participate on Twitter, follow @olacabs, retweet the contest tweet and  tweet your #connect stories with #Olaconnect .

Terms & Conditions

  • Prize offered is a two-way return flight ticket to any destination up to the amount of Rs 20,000 only and flight taken on or before 31st October only.
  • The contest begins on October  19th 2014 and ends on 21st October 2014 at 12 pm.
  • Participant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Contest is open only to Indian nationals residing in India.
  • Prizes are offered on ‘NO EXCHANGE, NO REFUND’ basis.
  • Prizes are non-transferable.
  • Olacabs reserves the right to modify/withdraw the prizes, with/without any prior notice. Olacabs has the sole discretion in selecting the winners from all the eligible entries received. Olacabs reserves the right to disqualify any participant who in Olacabs’ sole and absolute discretion is not eligible to participate in the Contest.
  • Olacabs reserves the right to investigate and terminate participation if the behaviour is in a way regarded as inappropriate or conduct found unlawful or illegal. Following is a partial list of the type of actions that participants may not engage in with respect to the Contest:
    • Participants must not impersonate any person or entity.
    • Participants must not express or imply that any statements made are endorsed by Olacabs without our specific prior written consent.
    • Participants must not post, distribute or reproduce, in any way, any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior consent of the owner of such proprietary rights.

So see you there! We start the contest at 12:30 pm today.



We’re going viral!

We’ve kick-started the festive season with a grandiose launch in seven new cities in the last 10 days! 

fb post 2 8 cities (1)

At Olacabs, we have been gripped by a viral fever; it’s called “Keep Launching!” In the last 10 days, we have launched in seven new cities. Say Ola to Surat, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Vishakhapatnam, Nashik, Nagpur and Coimbatore. Now, we are inarguably the finest and widest city-travel service provider in the country!

Intra-city connectivity has always been a major problem in most Indian cities. As a technology-first company, we’re constantly working on ways to figure out solutions for this issue. Our pioneering technology and its robust back-end support works on one principle: leverage the existing city infrastructure and connect city travelers and commuters with a ride of their choice –on-demand, everywhere, every time.

It’s with great pride that we announce our foray into India’s newly burgeoning tier II cities.  Over the last few months, we have successfully built an enviable network of cabs, thereby opening up a new world of travel choices where earlier there were little. Our affordable pricing and seamless booking process (Have you tried our one-touch cab-booking app?) can hook you up with a comfortable ride, in the simplest, quickest and most convenient way.

Ola is fast becoming the ride of choice of today’s smart generation. Our teams are working very hard to expand our service-network far and wide, so you can get an Ola wherever you go. With each launch we are raising the bar; wider choices, better service and smarter features. Go on, get with it, and ride smart!

Join the conversation of Twitter and find out about all the exiting offers we’re running in our new cities.

Spread the love amongst your friends and family in our new cities. Your referral code is a great way to introduce them to the Ola fraternity. Invite them with your referral code, gift then a joining bonus, and earn some good karma points along with some Ola money!

And where do we go next? Watch this space. We’ll be soon in a city near you.

Happy riding!