Get 30% off* on Rentals!

Get 30% off* on Rentals!

Do you have a Day of Shopping planned? Now buy clothes, groceries, shoes, and even household necessities in one car and one ride with Ola Rentals. Also get 30% off* on your ride with code RENT150.

Thanks to Ola Rentals there will be no more lugging your bags in and out of multiple vehicles, and no more carrying them all to the security desk of each shop that you visit.

Just leave your bags and your worries in your Rentals cab and forget about them till you get home! Now isn’t that a load off your shoulder?

Terms & conditions

  • The offer code RENT150 is valid on any one Ola Rental ride taken on or before 15th March 2018
  • The code provides 30% discount up to ₹150
  • Applicable government taxes, toll charges etc. will be extra to the fares shown in the App
  • Ola reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw all offers without notice or communication