Rentals convenience starts at just Rs. 45 extra* – Pune

Rentals convenience starts at just Rs. 45 extra*

We all have days when all we do is run from one part of the city to another, be it on a workday or on a weekday. The next time you find yourself hailing multiple autos or cabs or if you’re driving, fighting traffic all day, and getting frustrated with the lack of parking, think Ola Rentals.

With Ola Rentals, you get to retain your cab by the hour. So be it multiple destinations or time-taking chores, you can do it all in the same cab at just Rs. 45 extra*.  That’s one booking, one cab, and one top rated driver who’ll fight your traffic woes while you complete your tasks with ease.

And remember, whether you need a cab for 1, 2 or more hours, we have the package to suit your every need!

*Terms and conditions

  • Rs. 45 extra when comparing Ola Rental Mini (1 hour) fares with Ola Mini (P2P) fares for 10km.