Simplify wedding travel with Ola Rentals!

Simplify wedding travel with Ola Rentals!

Weddings tend to require all your attention! From arranging last minute shopping trips around town, to organizing guest pick-up and drop across various venues; facilitating transportation around weddings can get tedious at times.

We at Ola understand that your special day deserves the best of everything; the right kind of flowers, the tastiest of food and the best fleet of cars that add up make a lasting memory. That’s exactly why we’ve reimagined wedding travel completely!

Wondering how? Simply get in touch with us with your wedding travel requirements and we’ll create customised codes that you can share with your guests for flexible door-to-door transportation. With this, you only pay when your guests take a ride: therefore avoiding wastage of coupons altogether, enabling ease of use and therefore having happy guests.

Want more? We’ve also tied up with some of the most prominent wedding planners across Delhi NCR to make your special day into a cherished memory.

Here are some of the best wedding offers, exclusively for you: