Suspicious Login Alert

Secure your Ola account

Every hour of the day people use Ola to get around 110 cities in India. Every day we ask our users to share their views and feedback to support us bring a better experience the next time. Along the way we’ve taken several giant leaps forward.

Yet again, we are glad to announce our new ‘Suspicious Login Alert‘ feature whereby we can now detect suspicious logins to your account (which on high probability wouldn’t be you compared against a baseline of your regular usage pattern) and promptly send you an alert in case of any such behavior to enable you safeguard your account.

Account breaches pose a major cyber security threat globally. This happens when hackers gain access by stealing your identity. Unauthorized access to your account might lead to serious consequences, including identity theft and fraud. At Ola, it is of utmost importance for us to help protect your personal information and privacy. Now, be assured that we are monitoring activities on your account to protect you from fraud.

Here’s how the new Suspicious Login Alert feature works:

Our advanced algorithms detect anomalies and suspicious incidents that indicate potentially compromised identities. With the help of this data we generate a report and send an SMS alert to enable you evaluate the detected issue.

In the event of a suspicious activity, tapping on the link provided directs you to the page that lets you remotely log out of all sessions at once.

Once the logout across sessions is successful, you will be prompted to reset your password and secure your account.  

With this new security feature now enjoy the benefit of a more safe and reliable booking experience anywhere and anytime you like.