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Now enjoy discounted fares on your everyday travel in 3 simple steps.

  1. Explore different passes for cab rides
  2. Buy one that suits your travel needs
  3. Enjoy riding at flat fares or less!

Benefits of Ola Pass

How Ola Pass works

Let’s say you buy a pass for 10 km and 10 rides. You’ll pay a discounted flat fare up to 10 km on every ride. What If you travel more than 10 km? Just pay the flat fare up to 10 km and standard fare for the remaining distance.

What’s more? This fare will never increase with demand and you pay the actual fare whenever it is lower.

How to buy a pass

Start riding at lower fares!

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Note: The fares/prices and distances in the images above are only representatives. Know the actual prices by checking your Ola app.