Help us to help you.

Help us to help you.

With so many people on the move at any given time, a delay due to traffic, weather and other unforeseeable circumstances is outside the control of drivers. Higher cab cancellation has a cascading effect and means longer wait time for others and for you too when you try to book again. Because when you cancel, a driver goes all the way back to the location where demand is high. And anyone trying to book a cab experiences longer wait time.

Our priority is to get you a safe and reliable ride without any hassle.

Follow these pro tips for a faster pickup:

  • Make sure you pin your location properly. This saves both you and the driver valuable time so you can get going sooner 
  • If your usual ETA for pickup is longer, plan and request your ride a little before you are ready to go
  • If the cab shows higher ETA than when booked, check to see if the cab is moving, call your driver to know where he is before you decide to cancel your ride

Fewer cancellations mean shorter ETA for pickup. Let’s together make it a high-quality experience at Ola.