Heart of Gold – Heroes of Ola.

Driver partners are the fuel that Ola runs on. Being good Samaritans and upstanding citizens, the drivers are also custodians of their passenger’s safety. And to bring their heroic deeds to the centre stage, we tell you real accounts of our driver partners in our episodic series, ‘Heroes Of Ola’.

In the latest instalment, S1, Ep4 of our series, we throw light on Vasanth Kumar, who with his honesty and pure-heartedness, has made us believe that humanity triumphs over everything.

When Divya reached home from her sister’s place, she was shocked to find something missing. Something important- her heart skipped when she realised that it was in the backseat of her Ola.

Meanwhile, the Ola driver partner, Vasanth Kumar, in his cab, took a call. Will honesty be his best policy?

What happens further? 


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