Introducing Zero Wait Time – A quicker way to board your ride.

Shopping can be a therapeutic experience, but having to carry all the bags back home or even getting a cab outside a mall can be a nightmarish affair. Well, no more!

Introducing ‘Zero Wait Time’ on Ola Cab rides at Phoenix Market City, Chennai: A quicker way of booking and boarding your cab at malls. With this, you can skip the wait altogether and get going with the first cab available.

To experience this, all you have to do is book a ride and walk to the Ola Zone at the mall. With ‘Zero Wait Time’, there’s no need to make repeated calls to drivers for coordination or worrying about cab cancellations, and no waiting for a booking confirmation & driver details. Just take the first Ola cab available and get going!

Note: Zero wait experience is available at Phoenix Market City, Chennai.