Get the 80G receipt for your donations towards Tata ACF

We thank you for your participation in the My Ride. My Cause initiative. Your contribution towards the cancer care support by Tata Trusts’ Alamelu Charitable Foundation is much appreciated.

You can now download the 80G receipt online.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log on to the website
  2. Click on the dropdown ‘Make a donation’ and then click on ‘Download 80G receipt’
  3. Once you land on the 80G receipt page, click on the ‘Select Donation Platform’ and choose ‘OLA’
  4. Once you choose ‘OLA’ the page will prompt you to enter the OLA donor ID. To know your OLA Donor ID, open the OLA app and click on the ‘Menu’ on the top left and then click on ‘My profile’
  5. Now choose the ‘Donations’ option. It will take you to another screen called ‘Donation’. Now choose ‘See how your rides can help’
  6. The ‘Contribution details’ page will show your Donor ID
  7. Once you enter the OLA Donor ID, click on ‘Login’. You will then be taken to your Dashboard
  8. Once you have logged in to your dashboard, select the Month and Year you made your donation and click on ‘Submit’
  9. The Dashboard will show all your donations for the month. Click on the ‘Action’ icon against the month you want to download the receipt. Click on ‘Logout’ once your download the receipt

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