Welcome to Ola Foundation

Ola Foundation was born out of a belief that was inspired by real interactions, research, and extensive study on the far-reaching impact of enabling and equipping women with the right skills. Our vision is to facilitate the access of resources and opportunities to women, thus, empowering them to bring about sustainable change in their lives, their families and in turn the community at large.

We are dedicated to empowering women to become changemakers and leaders in their communities, thereby contributing to nation-building.

Our Work:

Why we exist: An estimated 3 in 4 Indian women don’t work and when they do, data reveals an increased involvement in family and community decision-making and a disproportionate increase in expenditure on children’s education, health, and nutrition.-

Understanding the Ripple Effect that they create, we teach her to earn and save money and build emotional resilience to secure her own future and her Children’s/family’s.

What we do

  1. Leading Women Towards Economic empowerment
  2. Leading women towards Social Empowerment

1. Driving women towards economic empowerment

Employment linked Skill Training

In partnership with EduJobs Academy- An NSDC Certified NGO, we reach out to women at their homes and local communities to present them with income generating opportunities and empower them to find suitable job opportunities ensuring a sustainable livelihood for them and their families.

Financial Management training

Through this program in partnership with Buzz India, we provide doorstep training in financial literacy entrepreneurship and psychological empowerment creating financial awareness in women. This helps  increase their savings, reduce debt, and start businesses

2. Driving women towards social empowerment

Life Skills Education

To bring about meaningful long-lasting change,  earning an income is not enough. It is important to invest in her ability to effectively manage hardships at home and in the community

In partnership with our NGO Partner GramTarang, through an interactive 60 Hour program that leads to increased self-worth, we pull her from her isolation bound by household responsibilities and give her the opportunity to come together with other women to learn, grow and empower each other to higher potentials.

Our NGO Partners:

EduJobs: EduJobs Academy has been a national-level player in the skill development sector. A NSDC  partner company, with a Mission of “Skilling India, Employing India” EduJobs has created an ecosystem of employment linked Skill Development. They have been instrumental in taking forth the Skill India Mission along with other government affiliations and have successfully employed 15,000 women till date.

Gram Tarang: Gram Tarang helps women reach their full potential with skill development programmes in 37 centers spread across India. Incepted in 1997 and the first to partner with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) has a track record of providing successful skill development training to 50,000+ women till date. Gram Tarang is the institutional partner in India to execute the PACE program – a course curriculum formulated by the GAP foundation

Buzz India: Buzz India: Buzz India’s buses roll into remote villages to deliver training in financial management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Since 2012, Buzz India has trained 1 lakh women who are now bringing prosperity to their homes and communities. With Buzz India’s intervention, women increase their savings, reduce debt, start businesses, increase income and realise their self-worth.