Postpaid Plus – FAQs

Q. What is ‘Postpaid Plus’?

A.  Postpaid Plus is an invite only offer for upgrading your Ola Money Postpaid to a higher credit line with a 30 days credit cycle by completing a few simple steps. This is a loan product, which we are providing in partnership with our affiliate financial partners.

Q. Which financial institutions have you partnered with ?

A. We have partnered with NBFC to provide credit line and bring you the best set of products.

Q. What all information is required to avail Upgrade?

You will have to provide below information to avail this offer –

  1. KYC details (PAN details, Selfie & Proof of address) – Customers who have completed Ola Money wallet KYC, will be asked to provide consent for sharing these KYC details for Postpaid Plus product.
  2. Additional details
    1. Date of Birth
    2. Communication address
    3. Email address
  3. Image of your PAN Card as per the PAN provided in KYC

Please note that this list is tentative and may change in accordance with the KYC regulations and KYC processes adopted by the organization in future.

Q. In what scenarios can my KYC fail?

A. Verification can fail due to the following reasons –

  • Incorrect information provided
  • Uploading document images that are not colored
  • Uploading document images that are not clear
  • Mismatch between documents and information provided
  • Documents are incomplete

Q. Is there a chance that my limit might be increased or revoked?

A. Yes. It may increase based on your usage and if you repay your bill on time.
However, the affiliate partners also have the right to revoke the line if they seeactivity that poses a credit risk to them.

Q. What happens if I don’t pay back?

A. Customers are notified multiple times via email, SMS and phone calls before the due date and periodically thereafter. A small late payment fee might also be applied for delay in payments. Also, if you do not repay or delay your repayment, our affiliate partner holds the right to report such cases to credit bureaus which may impact your credit rating and hence your ability to access financial products.

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