Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I have already uploaded my documents on Ola App. Why do I need to get them verified again?

A. As per RBI mandate – Original documents should be physically verified to complete the KYC. Hence, you are required to complete this step.

Q. I was not carrying my documents during my ride and hence could not complete KYC verification. What should I do now?

A. You can complete your KYC by carrying your documents in your next Ola Prime, Mini or Micro ride. Look out for the KYC strip on the app after booking your ride.

Q. My driver was not aware about the KYC verification and hence my verification could not be completed. How can I complete my KYC?

A. We are working on training all our drivers to carry out the KYC verification process. You can get it completed in any of your next Micro, Mini, or Prime rides.

Q. I am unable to give camera permission to take a photograph of the document when taking the ride?

A. Once you click on Give Camera permission, you will be led to a page where you need to click on ‘App permissions’ and then give camera permission again.