Lend a helping hand to the flood-affected victims across India

The recent floods in India have displaced millions and claimed more than 227 lives across the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala. Thousands have been evacuated owing to the vast devastation left by the floods. 

As an organization, Ola has cohesively worked to help communities in times of distress. We have partnered with GiveIndia to support the regions affected by the catastrophe. You are welcome to contribute Rs.5 on every ride you take. All donations will be sent to Goonj through GiveIndia. The contributions will directly be used to fund the relief measures including arrangements for drinking water, food, shelter, and healthcare.

Every small contribution will go a long way. Give your support today. 

Here are a few things you should know about donations:

  • Ola will share email ID, name and donation amounts of the donors with GiveIndia 
  • Once the donation is made, it is not refundable
  • All donations via GiveIndia are 50% tax-exempted under section 80G
  • 80G will be provided by GiveIndia for all donors. Donors would need to provide the following information to receive the 80G certificate: Name, PAN, Email id and Registered Postal Address
  • GiveIndia’s robust due diligence process GiveAssured covers legal, compliance, financial and impact checks for each donation made to any non-profit so that our donors can donate with confidence that their giving is indeed doing what it’s supposed to – change lives.

About GiveIndia 

GiveIndia is India’s largest and most trusted online giving platform. Established in 2000, GiveIndia aims to alleviate poverty by enabling the world to give in a trusted and safe manner. It allows you to support a cause of your choice from the nonprofits that have been evaluated for transparency and credibility.