OlaMoney personal loans – terms and conditions

I have read and agreed to the Terms of Use and hereby appoint Paisabazaar as my authorised representative to receive my credit information from Cibil/ Equifax/ Experian/ Highmark (bureau).

I hereby unconditionally consent to and instruct the bureau to provide my credit information to me and Paisabazaar on a month to month basis. I understand that I shall have the option to opt out/unsubscribe from the service.

By submitting this form, you hereby authorise Paisabazaar to do all of the following in connection with providing you the Services:

1. Retain a copy of your credit information, along with the other information you have given us access to under this Authorization, for use in accordance with Credit Score terms of use, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

2. Verify your identity and share with our Credit bureaus required personal identifiable information about you.

3. Request and receive your Credit report, and credit score from our Credit bureaus, including but not limited to a copy of your consumer credit report and score, at any time for so long as you have not opted out or unsubscribed from this service;

4. Share your details with the bank in order to assist you to rectify and remove negative observations from your credit information report and increase your chances of loan approval in the future;

5. To provide you with customised recommendations and personalised offers of the products and services of Paisabazaar and/or its business partners;

6. To send you information/personalised offers via email, text, call or online display or other means of delivery in Paisabazaar reasonable sole discretion.