Ola Outstation is now Available in Select Cities

Ola is partnering with select district administration to facilitate the booking of Ola Outstation cabs for intra-state (within state) and inter-state (outside the state limit) requirements. This service can be used by citizens with a valid COVID-19 travel pass undertaking emergency travel.

You can request an Ola Outstation cab by any of the following methods :

  1. Booking through Ola app:

Open App -> Select ‘Outstation’ -> Enter exact pickup and drop address -> Click on ‘Continue’ -> Select ‘Round Trip’ and date and time of pickup -> Estimated fare will be shown -> Click on ‘Confirm Booking’

  1. Or, submit the travel details here
  2. or, call on the respective helpline number mentioned below
CityHelpline NumberApply for Travel Pass
Indore0731-4853949Click Here
Bhopal0731-4853935Click Here

An Ola representative will contact you within 3 hours of booking for further information. You can get travel pass by applying it on the link provided above.

We urge you to please share this information on social media and WhatsApp with your friends, family, relatives, and society to spread awareness and help fellow citizens. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong.


Important terms and conditions :

  1. This service is applicable only for rides starting from select cities
  2. You have to arrange for a round trip travel pass yourself. You are required to apply for a Round Trip pass which has to include driver name and cab number and you have to handover the pass to the driver for his return trip
  3. Only advanced booking (at least 4 hours) option is allowed through the application (Ride Later option), helpline number and form. You will get a call within 3 hours from an Ola representative who will assign a cab number basis which, you can apply for a travel pass
  4. Ola team will be in touch with you for validating the travel pass and booking a cab
  5. Currently, only 2 passengers are allowed in the cab. Both you and the driver are strictly advised to follow all COVID-19-related precautions, like mandatory wearing of masks, carrying of sanitiser and maintaining social distance as much as possible
  6. Final charges will be calculated at the end of the trip. Any extra charges over the estimated amount (extra km, extra time) must be paid 
  7. Tolls and parking fees must be paid directly by you, this is not included in Ola billing
  8. Ola reserves the right to withdraw/deny/modify the services at any time without notice
  9. The driver has the right to cancel the booking if he finds you or your companion is not in a healthy condition to travel
  10. Driver and passengers are expected to follow these 10 steps to a safer ride