Ola COVID Care Package – Terms and Conditions

This is a summary of key terms under the Covid Care Package offered by ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd (Group Activ Travel Insurance from Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Ltd and Covid Helpline from Ohealer (Clinikk) Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd) to its customers subject to terms, conditions and exclusions associated with this package.

  • Benefits can only be availed in the name and mobile number of the individual as registered with Ola
  • The user can opt-out any time by going to the ride insurance section in the Profile section on the Ola app
  • This package includes services like Cab fumigation and sanitization, Driver partner temperature checks, Covid helpline with medical teleconsultation support including assistance for Covid related queries to ensure safe riding experience for the customers. In addition to these services, it also includes a Covid insurance provided free of charge to members that enroll into the Covid Care package, as an additional benefit.

Partner Terms & Conditions

T&C for Group Activ Travel (includes COVID) powered by Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Ltd

Policy Benefits 
Cover for in-patient hospitalisation with day care treatment up to Rs 25,000 for COVID19 or other illnesses
Coverage Description
Sum insuredRs 25,000 indemnity
Cover period15 days from the commencement of the trip 
Initial waiting periodNo initial waiting period
Room rentAt actuals
Other costs related to treatmentCost of treatment, diagnostics tests and medical reviews related to hospitalisation
Emergency ambulanceEmergency Ambulance – up to 1% of S.I.
Eligibility criteria and customer declarationCustomer agrees to the below health declaration
a. I am an Indian resident and citizen
b. I am not recommended Quarantine at the time of enrolment in this policy
c. I am not Immunocompromised. (Immunocompromised Persons include Persons who have undergone Hospitalization, surgery or Day Care procedure(s) within 90 days immediately preceding the Certificate Period Start Date)
d. I am not living with or sharing the same address as that of person(s) who is Diagnosed with COVID-19 or Quarantined at the time of purchase of this policy.
e. I have not travelled to the travel-restricted countries specified by the Central Government or Union Health Ministry of India in 45 days immediately preceding the policy Start Date.
f. I undertake that I am taking a 15 day trip
Specific exclusions:a. Only symptomatic treatment during Covid-19 hospitalization will be payable
b. Treatment for pre-existing diseases/ conditions will not be covered
c. Unauthorized Testing center: Testing done at a Diagnostic center other than the ones authorized by the Union Health Ministry of India. shall not be recognised under this Policy.

Other terms and conditions:

  1. Benefits will be issued in the name and mobile number of the individual as registered with OLA while booking the cab
  2. The Certificate of Insurance will be sent to the registered email id of the customer. It can also be downloaded from the Ride History section in the Ola app. The coverage will start from T day (T is the trip commencement date) up to 15 days.
  3. No other benefit shall be paid apart from what is mentioned in the Certificate of Insurance.
  4. The insurance cover is issued by Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Ltd. Customer should reach out to Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Ltd. for any issues related to the insurance cover and claims thereunder.
  5. A customer can claim coverage benefits only upto 20 active policies. At the time of hospital admission, if upto 20  policies are active for the customer, he/she can claim insurance coverage upto INR 5 L (20 times INR 5,00,000)

Example – If an enrolled customer took three rides on 1st , 3rd and 7th of a month with diagnosis of Covid-19 and eventual hospitalization on 12th (for sake of explanation) of the same month, he/she has three active policies and will be eligible for INR 25,000 *3 = INR 75,000 coverage.

  1. Customer can claim coverage benefits for upto 20 policies per year

For detailed T&C, customer can refer Group Activ Travel policy wordings here

Claims Process

Customers who opt into the Covid Care package, can raise a claim on hospitalization from the Support tab of Ride History section. 

Please drop a mail to info@mediassist.in marking insurance_care@olamoney.com in cc with the below details:

  1. CRN number (ride number) of the ride taken with COVID care package on. This will have to be the ride that was taken less than 15 days before the hospital admission
  2. Mobile number as registered on OLA app
  3. Date of Ride
  4. Date of Hospital admission

Claim requests will then be validated by the insurer on the basis of documents submitted by the customers. Following documents will be needed for raising a claim :

  1. Duly filled Claim form
  2. Discharge Summary
  3. Copy of Detailed Bill & Payment vouchers
  4. Diagnosis reports
  5. Govt. Photo ID copy
  6. Cancelled cheque or Bank details proof
  7. Other Documents as requested by the insurer.

You will be required to submit hard copies of the hospitalisation documents to the following address, after confirmation by the TPA (Medi Assist) :

  • Medi Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited
  • Tower D, 4th Floor, IBC Knowledge Park,
  • 4/1 Bannerghatta Road,
  • Bangalore – 560 029
  • Toll Free No: 1800-425-9449

COVID Helpline T&Cs powered by Clinikk (OHealer Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd)

  1. That the rider upon selecting the product shall be eligible to avail benefits from Clinikk Healthcare. Benefits such as teleconsultation shall be provided by Clinikk Healthcare, the rider can make unlimited calls 24 *7, to the helpline number provided by Clinikk Healthcare this helpline number shall make an attempt to help the rider with his COVID-19 related medical query in  8 different vernacular Indian languages (Languages include : English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali,Urdu). It is pertinent to the rider that this free teleconsultation shall be for the maximum period of 15 days.
  2. That in case of any red flags/ medical issues identified by Clinikk Healthcare’s professionals, the medical team shall then proactively intervene, further reach out to the patient for consultation, and prescribe an e-prescription which shall be delivered on app/Whatsapp/SMS.
  3. That Clinikk Healthcare shall make all attempts to assist in any healthcare query and help guide the rider to make prudent decisions. 
  4. That subject to these terms and conditions the rider shall be eligible to avail the services provided by Clinikk Healthcare throughout the duration of validity of the product (subject to a maximum of 15 days).
  5. That the rider/subscriber through its unlimited call benefit can enquire any COVID-19 related medical issue and accordingly, Clinikk Healthcare shall make all attempts to help the rider with his/her query respectively.
  6. Clinikk shall communicate to the customer all the details of the COVID insurance policy which shall be a part of the product.