Ola Insure Home Device Protect

Terms and Conditions

Home Device Protect is a one-year/3 month plan specifically designed to cater to your device repair requirements at a very cost-effective price. You can get up to five home appliances or electronic devices repaired in a year, in case of a breakdown or functional defect. Under the plan, you will be provided with free visits by engineers from Authorised Service Centres for repairs. Alongside, you will get an unlimited free pick and drop to-and-fro service centers, whenever required. You will get 20% discount on Spare Parts (maximum discount up to Rs. 5000) in cases where a spare part is required to be replaced. Maintenance services of any kind will not be covered in the plan. 


Home Device Protect can be bought anytime and covers all home appliances/ electronic devices/ mobile phones irrespective of age or brand


The coverage of Home Device Protect starts from the day of purchasing the plan.


Home Device Protect can be canceled within 15 days of purchase without giving any reason whatsoever.


  1. Any payment for spare parts, if required, will be collected by Zopper from the customer
  2. The payment by customer to Zopper will happen after the service centre shares an estimate of the job with Zopper, which Zopper’s team will approve and communicate to customer, thereby preventing any possibility of fraud or over-charging to the customer
  3. Zopper will remain the custodian of customer’s money until the repair is complete, and will only release the payment to service centre once the device has been repaired and delivered to the customer
  4. In case of small appliances/mobile phones, Zopper will share the estimated repair cost with the customer after the device reaches the service centre. If customer denies repair, then the device will be returned to the customer without repair


  1. Unlimited Free Repair Visits: Zopper guarantees unlimited free repair visits throughout the coverage period, in case any of a breakdown in any of the devices
  2. Authorized Service Centres: All repairs or service visits is carried out only via Authorised Service Centres
  3. Genuine Spare Parts: Zopper guarantees usage of only genuine spare parts while repairing the covered devices
  4. Unlimited Free Pick and Drop: Home Device Protect comes with unlimited free pick and drop for any appliances or devices that need to be taken to service centre for diagnosis or repair
  5. No Hidden Charges: No technician visit charges, no labour charges. Customer pays only for the spare part/parts, if required
  6. Additional Discounts: Customer can avail additional 20% discount on spares, with a maximum discount of Rs. 5000 throughout the validity of the plan  


If any device or appliance has malfunctioned or suffered a breakdown, the customer needs to do the following:

  1. Customer needs to contact Zopper via Zopper’s dedicated helpline number 1800 103 7445 or email at assure@zopper.com to initiate a claim and inform about the breakdown.
  2. Zopper would organise for a visit by a service engineer from the closest available Service Centre
  3. The service engineer shall be carrying out the necessary repairs on the device
  4. Zopper representative will contact customer in case any payment for spare part needs to be made by the customer