OLA Insure Home Device Protect

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What is the service term of Home Device Protect?

OLA Insure Home Device Protect is applicable for 3 months or 1 year from the date of purchase depending on the plan

2. How many times can the covered device be repaired?

A customer can raise any number of claims/service requests for a device covered under Home Device Protect. However, all costs pertaining to spares shall be borne by the customer. Additionally, customer can avail 20% discount on all spares

3. Can Zopper Device Protect be canceled Post-Purchase?

Yes, Zopper Device Protect can be cancelled with a full refund within 15 days of purchase of the plan

4. How many devices can be covered under the plan?

All devices and appliances in your house are covered in this plan. As and when any breakdown happens, the claim can be raised. A maximum of five different devices can be repaired within one year. The selection of home appliances/electronic devices will solely be at the customer’s discretion.

5. Can I buy a device protect plan for a Sansui TV, which is 7 years old?

Yes, you can buy a device protect for this product.

6. My washing machine was repaired and a new PCB was installed, will I be charged?

You will only be charged for the cost of PCB (20% discount can be availed), repair and service cost will not be charged.

7. I have covered a mixer grinder and it has stopped working, will the technician visit my premises?

No, the mixer grinder will be picked from the registered adddress to the Authorised Centre for repairing purpose.

8. I raised a claim again for the covered mobile phone and free pick and drop was given to me once (during the coverage), will my phone be again picked up and delivered for free?

Yes, you  get an unlimited free pick and drop for all small appliances/ electronic devices/ mobile phones. In this case the mobile phone will be picked up and delivered for free. 

9. I have covered a mixer grinder and a toaster (both are small appliances), can I raise claims for both, and how many free pick and drops will be provided?

You will be provided with free pickup and drop for both the small appliances. Under the device protect plan, you get an unlimited free pick and drop service for all small appliances/electronic devices.

10.  A customer wants to get wet and dry service done for his air conditioner, will that be covered in the plan?

No, any maintenance or dry service/wet service, etc. are not covered under the plan.

12.  A customer has availed repairs for 5 unique devices, now she again raises a claim for the 6th device (different from the previous 5), will it be covered?

No, the customer can’t avail the free service/repair for the 6th device, since her 5 unique device has already been repaired, hence, any repairs will be limited to the previous unique 5 devices only. Customer can buy another plan to cover additional device beyond 5.

13.  How would a customer make the payments?

Customer does not have to pay to the service centre engineer, Zopper will share the payment link to make the payment. Zopper will pay to the service centre once the customer is satisfied with the repair.

14.  Can a customer pay in cash and how?

Customer will get a confirmation call from Zopper’s executive only then the customer will have to pay cash, Zopper will collect the amount from the service centre first and then ask the customer to pay in cash to the service centre engineer, to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the repair.

15. How many products can be covered under Zopper Home Protect?

Zopper Home Protect can cover multiple products (max upto 5)

16.  Do we require an address proof of the customer to activate Home Device Protect?

 For activation, only the address is required.

17 .  If multiple products are covered in one policy, will the policy remain intact if a settlement in any one product has been done?

    Yes, the policy will remain intact.

18. Is there a limit to the number of claims a customer can avail of during the insurance period?

   As long as repairs up to the sum insured value have not been availed, the customer is    allowed to make multiple claims.

19.  How Can I raise a Claim for Home Device Protect?

  • You can contact Zopper via Zopper’s dedicated helpline number 1800 103 7445 or email at assure@zopper.com to initiate a claim and inform about the breakdown.
  • Zopper would organise for a visit by a service engineer from the closest available Service Centre
  • The service engineer shall be carrying out the necessary repairs on the device
  • Zopper representative will contact you in case any payment for spare part needs to be made by the customer