Availing Zero Down Payment with Ola Cars

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is subject to conditions and eligibility criteria set by the bank.
  • The Zero Down Payment option is being offered by IDFC First Bank and Tata Capital. 
  • The aforementioned banks will provide a funding of 110% for select cases based on the customer profile and post completion of car profiling.

Buyer eligibility criteria (expected by most of the lenders): 

  1. Buyer must have an adequate credit profile in accordance with the underwriting standards of the respective financier. 
  2. Buyer must be a salaried individual with a salary of over one lakh monthly liabilities/payables that is not more than 40% of the net monthly take home.
  3. The occupation and permanent address of the buyer must remain unchanged for at least a year.
  4. Submission of negative pin code or address is prohibited.
  5. Buyer must be employed with any of the top category or listed companies.
  6. Buyer can not have a bounce record or dispute(s) within any loan case in the duration of the last one year. Buyer should be able to provide documentation or proof of the same.