Congratulations, you’re eligible for Ola Credit

Congratulations, you’re eligible for Ola Credit

Activate to enjoy cashless Ola rides up to your credit limit and pay later. All this at no extra cost or interest.

So, in case you run out of cash the next time you take an Ola ride, don’t worry about stopping by an ATM or borrowing from friends, simply pay with Ola Credit.

How Ola Credit Works:

Pay via Ola Credit

Choose to pay by Ola Credit and your ride bill amount will be deducted from your Ola Credit balance.

Enjoy Cashless Rides

Pay for rides using Ola Credit up to the end of your credit cycle or till you exhaust your credit limit.

Clear Your Dues

Clear your outstanding Ola Credit dues via your Credit/Debit card or Ola Money, and continue enjoying cashless hassle-free Ola rides.

Follow these simple steps to activate Ola Credit.