Holi Hey!

With Holi around the corner, Ola Cars is here to make it even better for you. Planning to sell your car? Now is the time, as Ola Cars Holi Sale has brought with it a plethora of offers that you cannot afford to miss. So get ready to get coloured with joy.

The Best Price Challenge
Believe it or not but Ola Cars truly does give you the best price for your car. How? Get the best offer you are getting for your car and then show it to Ola Cars. You will get a whole ₹10,000 more than that when you sell your car on Ola Cars.

Sell at original MRP
Do you remember the MRP you paid for your car? With Ola Cars’ Holi Sale, you can stand a chance to now sell your car and get that same amount back for it. Yes, even after all the years that you’ve had your car, the amount you get for it will be the same. Only at Ola Cars this Holi! Don’t miss out!

The Car Exchange Offer
At Ola Cars you can sell and also buy a car. So this Holi, if you’re thinking of selling and buying on Ola Cars, there’s a special surprise for you. Ola Cars will give you an additional discount of ₹20,000 on your purchase. If this isn’t the right time to switch cars then what is. Go on, make your Holi all the more special with Ola Cars.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This challenge is valid only if the third party quote provided is a valid quote within 3 days of the inspection at Ola Cars.
  • The veracity of valid quote will be ascertained by the team at Ola Cars and can reject a claim of price challenge if found false.
  • This Best Price Challenge is valid for the same car that you are getting inspected with Ola Cars in the same city.
  • This challenge is only applicable if the car is under our assortment and eligibility criteria.