Ola Foods | Reimagining Your Favourite Gastronomic Delights

Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do here at Ola Foods. We are here to offer deliciously unique experiences by experimenting with simple dishes in ways you’ve never imagined.

We’re a group of highly passionate foodies, driven by one goal:

To Make Every Meal Wholesome, Exciting and Fulfilling.

Ola Foods offers food driven solutions to customer’s varied food needs operating from a chain of 40 cloud kitchens operating across six major Indian cities. Our kitchens are equipped with all modern cooking facilities and equipment to deliver our promise.

We are currently home to three popular brands – 

Khichdi Experiment brings to you the unassuming Khichdi in 16 delightful flavours with Palak Paneer Khichdi, Pav Bhaji Khichdi, Achari Khichdi, Tadkewali Khichdi as our best sellers. 

BowlSome offers a delectable range of comforting rice bowl formats.

Paratha Experiment reintroduces the classic Indian paratha with a whole new personality, fun flavours and redefined experience. 

At Ola Foods, we experiment with food flavours & varieties but never with food Safety. 

Under the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve enforced a slew of additional measures and precautions to ensure that food that reaches you is absolutely safe.

Follow the link to learn more about the safety precautions being taken at our Cloud kitchens – 

We put your safety above everything else!

Stay safe, foodie!