Flight Insurance – Terms and Conditions

Summary of Key Terms

This summary of key terms under the Group Domestic Travel Product Policy Terms & Conditions (“Policy”) is offered by Acko General Insurance to ANI Technologies Private Limited (“Ola”). Covers under the Policy can be availed by registered users/ customers on the Ola mobile application or any other online platform, owned and/or operated by Ola, including the One Travel Desk, (hereinafter referred to as “Ola App”) by selecting the option of Flight insurance.  

The insurance cover under the Policy will apply only to Ola trips which are booked to the airport through the Ola App. Insurance cover starts when a customer books the policy and cover ends when the final carrier reaches the destination. This coverage is applicable only for domestic rides

Key Benefits:  

Key benefits available under the Policy for the named rider

BenefitsSum InsuredDeductible Coverage Type
Instant Claim on Flight DelayINR 3,0002 hours 30 minsFixed benefit
Total Loss of checked-in-baggageINR 10,000Indemnity
Missed FlightINR 5,000ETA to the airport should be at least 90 mins from scheduled departure time of the flightFixed benefit
Missed ConnectionINR 5,0003 hoursIndemnity
Delay in checked-in-baggageINR 3,0002 hours 30 minsFixed benefit
Flight CancellationINR 10,000Indemnity
Bounce bookingINR 10,000Indemnity
Medical EmergencyINR 1000Indemnity

General Conditions:

  • Flight insurance is applicable only for Domestic Flights
  • Loss of Baggage does not cover any Valuables, Money, Securities, Jewellery, Tickets and Electronic items (other than Laptop). It covers only for the loss of the items and not partial damage.
  • The claim will not be permissible in case of wilful act of the insured, self-inflicted injury, mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Trip Delay benefit will not be covered if the Flight delay is made public 6 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • For detailed Terms and conditions refer to T&C

Claims :

To initiate a claims email at acko.emailid. For any queries email us at insurance.support@olacabs.com