The carnival doesn’t end when you buy the car

Now get 2 years of free service at Ola Service Centres across India when you buy a car from the Ola Cars Carnival. So go on, enjoy your better-than-new car – no matter what happens, we’ve got your back.

How will I know if my car is covered?

If you purchased your car between 6 Oct and 9 Oct, 2021 or during the Ola Cars Carnival (29 Oct – 12 Nov 2021), then congrats, your car is covered.

What does this service include?

The 2-year free service benefit will apply as follows

Year from
date of purchase
Type of serviceEligibility of service timesBenefit
First YearFirst ServiceWhen the car has run 5,000 km, or 6 months after delivery, whichever is earlier* Labour on the scheduled service will be offered free of cost
First YearSecond ServiceWhen the car has run 10,000 km, or 12 months after delivery, whichever is earlier*Parts and consumables will be charged as per the service needs of the car
Second Year Subsequent services
in second year
For service at every 10,000 km after the second service, within the second year*
* km from the odometer reading at the time of delivery & time period from date of delivery; as available on invoice.

What do I need to avail of service under this offer?

  1. You need to carry a free service card that will be given at the time of delivery.
  2. You also need to carry a copy of the car invoice which mentions:
    • Date of delivery
    • Odometer reading at the time of delivery