Bangalore afternoons, now happier!

After Mumbai, we decided to get Happy Hours to Bangalore as well. Between 11 AM and 4 PM everyday, book an Ola by quoting HAPPYOLA and your fare will magically reduce to Rs 15/km as against the regular Rs 21/km, much like the mercury here in Bangalore!


HAPPYOLA, if you notice, gives you a straight saving of 28% on your total fare! Isn’t that incredible? So go on, make those lazy or crazy afternoons (totally depending on whether you’re at home or work!) more happening. Hop into an Ola, head to your favorite mall to shop or land in style for that client meeting. If there’s no agenda, just take a ride- its happy hours anyway! Remember to use the code HAPPYOLA while you book.

PS: If you’re booking the smart way through any of our mobile apps, HAPPYOLA is applied automatically for trips between 11-4. Smart isn’t it? For the uninitiated, time to download your app here – iOS ‪, Droid


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