Introducing Ola Share Express In Delhi

Presenting Ola Share Express – Greater savings and quicker Share rides on fixed routes with no deviations en-route!

Share Express makes ride-sharing even more pocket-friendly and seamless for you. With rides starting as low as Rs 30*, Share Express is up to 30% cheaper than regular Share rides and matches you only with travellers on your route.

This means you experience quicker Share rides on the most popular routes across your city, without going out of the way to pick-up co-passengers. For example, a Share Express ride from ITO to India Gate sets you back by just Rs 30!

Update your Ola app to get started!

Wondering how you can book a Share Express ride? Here’s how:

Your boarding and drop points would be on the fixed Express route but within walking distance.

Morning routes Time  Evening routes Time  Map
Dwarka Sec21 Udyogvihar
Cybercity Sikanderpurmetro
7AM – 1PM Sikanderpurmetro Cybercity
Udyogvihar Sec21 Dwarka
3pm – 11PM View Map
Gurgramrailway Asfctr Airtel       Cybercity Sikanderpur 7AM – 1PM Sikanderpur Cybercity Airtel Asfctr Gurgramrailway 3pm – 11PM View Map
Saket Cybercity
Asfcenter Infospace
7AM – 1PM Infospace Asfcenter Cybercity Saket 3pm – 11PM View Map
Spazeitpark Huda Iffico
Cyberhub Infospace
7AM – 1PM Infospace Cyberhub Iffico Huda Spazeitpark 3pm – 11PM View Map
Vishali Shipramall Fortis
Logicpark Sector63
7AM – 1PM Sector63 Logicpark Fortis
Shipramall Vishali
3pm – 11PM View Map
NoidaSector116 NoidaSector63 7AM – 1PM NoidaSector63 NoidaSector116 3pm – 11PM View Map
Mayurvihar Metro Sector63 Noida 7AM – 1PM Noida Sector63 Metro Mayurvihar 3pm – 11PM View Map
Firozgandhivcolony Iffico
Cyberhub Infospace
7AM – 1PM Infospace Cyberhub Iffico Firozgandhivcolony 3pm – 11PM View Map
Sector55 Wavecity
Botinical Sec127 Sec135 Noida
7AM – 1PM Noida Sec135 Sec127 Botinical Wavecity Sector55 3pm – 11PM View Map
Sec77 Sec39 Sec41 Botinical Sec125 Sec127 Sec135 7AM – 1PM Sec135 Sec127 Sec125 Botinical Sec41 Sec39 Sec77 3pm – 11PM View Map
Iffico Huda Ucp Adanigroup 7AM – 1PM Adanigroup Ucp Huda Iffico 3pm – 11PM View Map
Preet Vihar Kailash Col Okhla 7AM – 1PM Okhla Col Kailash Vihar Preet 3pm – 11PM View Map
Dhundhera Sec119 Sec121
Wavecity Botinical Sec16
7AM – 1PM Sec16 Botinical Wavecity Sec121 Sec119 Dhundhera 3pm – 11PM View Map

Terms and Conditions:

  • Share Express available in selected routes in the city
  • Valid only in Delhi-NCR.
  • Offer valid on Share express rides only
  • Ola reserves the right to modify/withdraw the activity at its own discretion.


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