All your questions about Share Express, answered!

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding Share Express! To address these, here are a few answers to help you get a better understanding about Share Express.

What is Share Express?

Share Express is a form of ride-sharing, but one that operates only on fixed routes. This means that now you can travel faster without deviations, no peak pricing and also greater savings!

How is Share Express different than Share?

On Share Express, the routes are fixed! This means that you’re only matched with fellow passengers travelling on the same route, thereby ensuring that on-route deviation doesn’t happen.

For you, a short walk to your boarding point saves you 20% more, in comparison to regular Share rides.

What are the Share Express routes and when are they available?

To help ease your office commute, we created Share Express routes based on popular routes across the city. To know about the Share Express routes and timings in your city, click here.

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