Auto-connect to Wi-fi in Ola Prime

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Auto-Connect Wi-Fi in all Ola Prime rides, a first of-its-kind feature that is especially designed to deliver a seamless experience for our riders.

Next time you book an Ola Prime ride, you will receive your unique Wi-Fi password (your registered phone number) via SMS/Push. Connect to the in-cab Wi-Fi (SSID name 0la Auto-Connect ) with the details once, and you will automatically be connected in all your future Prime rides.

This means you no longer need to enter a password every time to connect to the complimentary in-cab Wi-Fi every time you step in to an Ola Prime. Connect once, and stay connected, always.

  1. As soon as your Prime ride starts, tap on “Wi-Fi” on the “Track Your Ride” screen

2. You will find your unique Wi-Fi access point name and password.



3. Go to your Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Ola Wi-Fi Network with your unique password. 

4. You have completed the one-time authentication. You will now be auto-connected to the Wi-Fi in all your future rides.

Just like home. Stay connected on your Ola Prime ride, always.

Note : Update your Ola app to the latest version for a seamless Wi-Fi experience

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