Baby on board!

On the New Year’s eve, Mrs. Kanchan Mesharam, an Ola rider, delivered a baby boy in the cab on her way to the hospital. Here’s how the events of the day unfolded.

Kanchan and her nephew boarded the cab from her residence, but went into labour soon after the journey began. Realising, the customer is due to deliver very soon, Shahzaad steadily drove the cab to the hospital, as her pain kept increasing. Situations took a surprising turn when the baby was born midway, leaving everybody surprised and anxious. Collecting himself amidst various emotions, Shahzaad assured the passengers and continue driving with utmost focus.

Shahzaad said, “I was extremely nervous as I was worried for the well-being of the newborn baby as well as the mother. I was praying in my heart and was constantly thinking about a similar instance that took place in another Ola cab in Pune just a few months back. I had read about that in the papers, and kept hoping that the mother and the child get timely medical attention in this case too.”

Shahzaad dedication paid off and the mother and her baby were able to receive required medical attention, well in time.

Recalling the experience, Anup Meshwaram, the baby’s uncle said, “We are very thankful to Shahzaad Khan for helping us in that critical time. My family and I appreciate the way he kept his composure, supported us throughout this experience and got us to a hospital safely, in time.”

We have presented the baby and the mother with free rides for the next five years as a gift. These rides can be availed by a special coupon, named after the baby.

We applaud Shahzaad and we are proud to be partner with him. Mr. Shahzaad Khan has been recognised for his effort in driving with focus and calm at a crucial scenario, and he has been awarded under our pan-India program, ‘Heroes of Ola’.

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