Book Kolkata’s iconic Taxis now on the Ola app!

Kolkata_Taxi-MailerThere are many things that make Kolkata the charming city that it is- the regal architecture of the old city, the buzzing street-food hawkers, sunsets at the banks of Hooghly, and the inimitable spirit of the Bengalis and many others who have made the city their home.

And how could we forget the Kolkata taxis- the quintessential ride of the city agelessly ferrying millions everyday to every gully and every para.

It’s with great pride we announce that Kolkata’s Taxis have joined us on the Ola app.With just a few clicks on the app, you can get a Taxi right at your doorstep within 10 minutes.

All of these at regular meter fares as mandated by the government. A small convenience charge of Rs. 10 will apply on your Taxi rides.

Another familiar addition to your favourite Ola app! Go ahead, and try it today- we promise you’re going to love it!

To book, open and get going!

Terms & Conditions:

1) The final payable amount for every ride includes Rs.10 as a convenience charge above the metered amount.

2) Taxis are available only in Kolkata.

3) You can use Ola Money or cash to pay for your rides.

4) Olacabs does not own the taxi and can not regulate the price of your ride.

5) Discounts will not apply on Taxi rides.

6) Ola money doesn’t get automatically debited, if you choose to pay with Ola Money, you will receive a One Time Password(OTP) that you will receive via SMS that you will need to share with your driver.

7) If due to network issue, you don’t receive the SMS, we request to you pay the driver in cash. Your Ola money will not be debited.



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