Book Rentals: Retain the cab for as long as you need it!

We all have days when all we do is run from one part of the city to another be it on a workday or on a weekday.

The next time you find yourself hailing multiple autos or cabs or if you’re driving, fighting traffic all day, and getting frustrated with the lack of parking, think Ola Rentals.

Whether you need a cab for just an hour or for as long as 12 hours. We have a package and a car to suit your every need!

So remember, one booking, one car, and one top rated driver who’ll fight your traffic battles while you relax in air conditioned comfort.

What’s even better, is that with the code MONSOON, you get 25%, that’s up to Rs. 350 off across all packages!

Terms and conditions

  • The offer code is valid on one Rentals ride taken before 19th June.
  • The offer code provides 25% discount up to ₹350 only.
  • Applicable government taxes, toll charges etc. may not be included in the fares shown in the App.
  • Ola reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw all offers without notice or communication

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