Brace Yourselves…Goodies are Coming!

GOT_OLA_MailerThis summer, the winter is coming. If by ‘winters’ you’re thinking of blankets and sweaters, you still didn’t get it, however, if you’re thinking of White Walkers, The Wall, The Starks, The Lannisters, The Greyjoys, The Khaleesi, The Dragons, etc., you got it just right.

The most anticipated show ever is coming up with it’s 6th season and we’ve got some goodies and merchandise for you.

As the show releases on the 24th of April, ‘Brace Yourselves’ for all the excitement with Ola Prime.

To get the goodies:

Open the Ola App

Click on THEGAME icon (LIVE on 25th April, 1PM-4PM)

If your booking gets accepted, an Ola Prime will bring you the merchandise, to your doorstep!

We got these awesome goodies for you, thanks to Redwolf. in. Find more goodies and merchandise for all your favourite TV shows on

PS: The¬†Ola-nnisters send their regards. ūüėÄ

Terms and Conditions:

  1. THEGAME experiences are available only in Delhi.
  2. Demand for “THEGAME” will be high. You may have to try more than a few times
  3. The offer includes one Goodie only.
  4. Cabs will be provided subject to availability
  5. Ola reserves the right to withdraw/modify the offer

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