Celebrate the festivity with Ola Outstation

Explore Kutch during the Rann Utsav Festival Рone of the most eagerly awaited events in India. Revel in the festivity at one of India’s most colourful regions. Experience the soothing rays of full-moon night that welcome over 8,000 tourists every year for the extravagant 3-day event. Since its inception, the 16th edition event Рenvisioned by the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi Рhas expanded exponentially attracting 5,00,000+ visitors across 20+ countries. Celebrate the most colourful festival of India like never before.

Book an Ola Outstation and enjoy fares starting at just Rs. 10/km.

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid on Bhuj -> Kutch route
  • Bhuj-> Kutch round trip fares starting at just 10 km/hr

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