Contribute to the PM’s relief fund to Nepal


This weekend, the world was shaken up by the news of a terrible earthquake that has devastated Nepal and also affected parts of India.  Fresh tremors, avalanches and landslides triggered by the earthquake continue to be reported, suggesting that things are far from over.
Tens of thousands of people all over the impacted areas are spending the night in the open, some under freezing temperatures, others in pouring rain, while desperately seeking food and water.

It is indeed a difficult time. But it calls for us to join hands and extend the maximum support we can to those affected by this tragedy.

We at Ola are leveraging our network of customers across the country to help people get involved in the relief efforts. We invite you to contribute to the PM’s relief fund in Nepal. Screenshot_2015-04-28-15-43-05

Step 1: Open the Ola app, and click on Ola money

Step 2: Enter the recharge/donation amount.

Step 3: Check the box for Promo code and apply code “NEPAL”

Step 4: Once your account is recharged, we will divert the amount to the PM’s relief fund.

Step 5: You will receive an Acknowledgement/receipt via SMS within 24 hrs. 

Our thought and prayers are with those affected. Here’s hoping as a nation we can unite and galvanize all the support required to help the victims recover and rebuild afresh.

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