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Ola people!

It’s been an eventful couple of months at Olacabs. We raised angel funding from a bunch of awesome investors, moved into a new office and got some really enthusiastic interns to come work with us! We’ve also been hard at work in expanding our network of partners across Mumbai.

When we began 5 months ago, we had 3 partners in the suburbs of Powai, Andheri and Malad. Now we’ve expanded significantly reflecting the growth in demand for our product. The map below shows the locations of our partners. We’re still suburb heavy, but have expanded our network to Thane and even Navi Mumbai! And we’re working to increase our presence in South Mumbai as demand from there increases.

One operational metric we at Olacabs track religiously is “Dead Distance” i.e. the distance the cab has to travel to pickup the customer. The lower we can bring this, the more quicker and efficient the experience is for our partners and customers.

We dispatch the closest available car to the customer and our operations team works really hard to make cars available every few kilometers. It isn’t easy! Requests come from all over the city and for different categories of cars. Some regions have more demand than others, for example near the Airport. We’ve got to ensure we have just enough cars of each category in each region. Having too much supply will lead to lower bookings per partner and make them disgruntled!

Excited by the problems we are solving? We’re hiring and would love to speak with you!

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