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On Children’s Day this year, let’s get together and spread the joy of education. We’ve partnered with Smile Foundation in Chennai to support their Mission Education program, and our efforts can only be successful when you join hands with us.

A small donation from you can go a long way in sponsoring the education of a child who is deprived of this privilege.

Here’s what you have to do to support this noble cause:

  • Open the OLA app on  13th and 14th November 2015 in ChennaiScreenshot_2015-11-13-12-03-16
  • Go to the OLA Money section
  • Click on “Have a Promo Code?”
  • Enter SMILE and the amount you want to donate
  • Add OLA Money to complete the donation

That’s it! The amount you recharge with, using this code, will be donated to Smile Foundation to help them spread education among the underprivileged kids. We will send you the receipt as acknowledgment, shortly after we receive your donation. Please note that it could take upto 24 hours for the amount to be debited from your account. You will receive the SMS when the amount is deducted from your account.

Please note: All the donations will be eligible for 50% Tax Exemption under Section 80(g). Smile Foundation will provide the certificate against any payment receipt.

For more information about Smile Foundation and the work they do, please visit:

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