#DoYourShare – for your city

final-share-openfile-Blog (1)As a transport company, our vehicles traverse the length and breadth of the country. But as concerned citizens, we understand that the rising pollution levels in our cities are a cause for concern. What kind of a planet are we leaving for our children? It’s time we addressed this. We can’t stop travelling, but we can be more responsible about our travel choices. Ola Share has contributed significantly in cutting down on carbon emissions and this has been made possible by each one of our regular Share users.

But is that enough?

No. We need to act together to bring the CO2 levels down further!

How’re we going to do that?

Simple. Just #DoYourShare

Ola Share users in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru are competing against each other to be the fastest city to reduce over 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions between 3rd-15th August. As they say, it takes two to tango. We cannot do this without your support. We’ve made a commitment to turn over a greener leaf, and we need you to do your bit. We implore you to use Ola Share as often as you can so that together, we can tackle the CO2 emissions issue and bring it under control.

So join the race for cleaner air and start Share-ing your rides for a greener tomorrow!

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