Fares slashed for Bengaluru Airport Drop!

Old Rates New Rates
Micro Mini Prime Sedan Micro Mini Prime Sedan
Base fare Rs. 499/25 kms Rs. 499/25 kms Rs. 499/25 kms Rs. 40 Rs. 50 Rs. 80/4kms
Fare per kilometer Rs. 13 Rs. 13 Rs. 16 Rs. 6 Rs. 8 Rs. 11
Per km fare after 15kms Rs. 12 Rs. 16 Rs. 16
*Ride time fares are applicable
* Airport toll charges may be applicable
* Please check rate card for complete details

Comfortable rides at even more affordable fares! Isn’t that great? So next time you are riding to Bengaluru Airport, just get on the app and hit RIDE NOW. Your cab will reach you in minutes!

Terms and conditions

  • Ride time charges of Rs.1/min are applicable on the fare
  • Beyond 15 kms, per km fare changes to distance fare as mentioned above
  • Toll/tax/parking fee may be applicable on your invoice over and above regular pricing
  • Peak time charges may be applicable during high demand hours and will be conveyed during the booking
  • These charges are applicable only for Airport drops in Bengaluru city


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