Free Ola Shuttle rides at Road To Ultra

Mumbai, great news for all of you at  the most happening party of the year – RoadToUltra!

To add convenience to your travel, we’ve decided to run free Ola Shuttle rides from the venue. Yes, you heard that right!

To avail this services, please check the schedule as mentioned below:

Sr. No. Start Point Drop Point No. of Shuttles Start Time
1 Mahalaxmi RC Bandra 4 10:10PM, 10:20PM, 10:30PM, 10:40PM, 11:10PM, 11:20PM, 11:30PM, 11:40PM
2 Mahalaxmi RC Lower Parel via Mahalaxmi Station 5 10:10PM, 10:15PM, 10:20PM, 10:25PM, 10:30PM, 10:50PM, 10:55PM, 11:00PM, 11:05PM, 11:10PM
3 Mahalaxmi RC Dadar 4 10:10PM, 10:15PM, 10:20PM, 10:25PM, 11:00PM, 11:05PM, 11:10PM, 11:15PM
4 Mahalaxmi RC Churchgate 2 10:10PM, 10:15PM, 10:50PM, 10:55PM, 11:30PM, 11:35PM

For more information, please contact our on ground Ola crew.

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