Get Rs.100 off on Mini, Prime and Prime SUV rides!


Do you have an especially busy social schedule this week? Or do you just have a lot of chores to catch up on? Either way, Ola has Minis and Primes aplenty to help you get things done.
With the code TAKE500 you get clean cars, top rated drivers, and Rs 100 off on up to 5 rides on Mini, Prime or Prime SUV. Experience our dependable, comfortable, air conditioned cars at Rs. 100 less, on 5 journeys across the city.

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer applicable only on Monday to Friday
  • Offer applicable for those who receive the communication
  • Offer applicable till 25th November
  • Offer applicable for the city of Mumbai only
  • Offer applicable on Mini, Prime and Prime SUV only
  • Ola reserves a right to discontinue the offer at any time without any prior communication

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