Get the best travel benefits with OlaMoney SBI Credit Card

Explore the world of insane cashback benefits with India’s most rewarding travel card.

Unmatched Benefits

Value Chart
DetailsAnnual Spends (Rs.)Cashback(Rs.)Discount/Benefits(Rs.)
Domestic Spends outside Ola and Partners7500001500025000
1 International Trip for 21500008250
Domestic flight tickets for 21000005000
Domestic hotel/holiday bookings10000020000
Dining Spends480009600
Spends on Ola cabs860006000
Welcome Offer3148
Annual fee waiver500
Total Annual Spends1234000
Total Annual Savings6385028648
Overall % Benefits7.50%

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Cardholders will qualify to earn OlaMoney Cashback upon undertaking qualifying retail spends transactions. 
  2. The Cashback earned for every qualifying retail spend transaction will be rounded off to the nearest integer at the time of posting. 
  3. It may take up to 7 working days for processing the cashback.
  4. Cardholders shall however not be entitled to earn Cashback on retail transactions that have been subsequently reversed.
  5. Cashback earned on partner platform for a particular booking using OlaMoney SBI Credit Card will be added to the Primary Cardholder’s OlaMoney account
  6. Cardholder’s Account is not delinquent or cancelled at the time of such credit
  7. Any decision on qualifying retail spends transactions will be undertaken by ZipCash Card Services Private Limited
  8. Any decision on qualifying cashback transactions will be undertaken by ZipCash Card Services Private Limited
  9. Numbers claimed and showcased for marketing are based on spends modeling done by our data team and ZipCash Card Services Private Limited reserves all the rights for them

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