#GhoomoResponsibly with Ola Outstation

In line with the United Nation’s theme for this year’s World Tourism Day, we are taking the initiative to promote sustainable and responsible tourism across India.

With Ola Outstation services being present in over 80+ cities & connecting over 1000+ unique destinations, we believe we can help foster a positive impact on the environment and tourism in our country.

With this initiative, our aim is to encourage travelers to be more responsible on their road trips, be it respecting the local culture or simply not littering. To further this cause, Ola Outstation has tied up with various state tourism bodies across the country: 

We have popular travel vlogger Shenaz Treasury on an epic road trip in an Ola Outstation. In 12 days, she will explore 21 unique destinations across 7 states & tell her fellow travellers how to travel responsibly. To find out more about her riveting journey, follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

If you are planning a road trip soon, do remember to #GhoomoResponsibly & choose Ola Outstation. 

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