Give Way, Give Life!

If you see an ambulance stuck in traffic would you give way?
Of course you would. And yet 1000s lose their lives every year due to Ambulance delays.

‘Give Way Give Life’ is an initiative we’ve started against public apathy when it comes to ambulance etiquette on the road. Most turn a blind eye to the blaring sirens of ambulances carrying patients running desperately short of time. In those tense moments, every second counts and can be the difference between life and death.

And like bringing a patient back to life, we needed to shock the viewers into forcing a cultural and social change. Let’s hope we have made some inroads.

But it doesn’t stop there. From today we are instituting rigorous training among all our cab drivers and educating them to give way to Ambulances. This is just the first step – the road ahead is a long one.

Watch this space for more. Till then WATCH.SHARE.CARE and always #GiveWayGiveLife

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