Here’s Why You Should Try Ola Shuttle This Week

Do you like commuting everyday to work? Long hours in traffic-ridden roads? Bitter fights with local autowallahs or being squished in the crowded metro- do you enjoy it?

We think not. And that’s why we believe Ola Shuttle can change the way you travel to work everyday. Air-conditioned Shuttle buses with Wi-fi and in-shuttle entertainment; it’s the way urban India deserves to travel. With a couple of taps on the Ola app, you can reserve a seat, track the ride as it comes to your stop, sit back, relax and actually enjoy your commute.

Ready to get started? Book your first Shuttle ride and apply code: SHUTTLE to get your first ride free!

Try it for free this week, you have nothing to lose. Who know’s you might just discover a new way to travel that will change your daily commutes!

See you on-board!


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