How to earn free rides!

Here’s a hack on how you can get free rides from the Ola app; join Ola’s fresh new referral programme! Invite your friends to sign up on the Ola app with your referral code and get a free ride for every friend.

Here’s what you’d have to do:

  • Share your referral code with your friend
  • Your friend signs up with your referral code and gets a free ride coupon
  • Your friend takes the first ride and you get your free ride coupon
  • Apply this coupon code on your ride to redeem your free ride

Where to find your code and your free ride coupons

  1. Go to the OFFER & FREE RIDES section

0-a-Side bar menu selecteddroid


You will find the option to share your referral code at the bottom and will also be able to view your earned free ride coupons. When you select the share option it will show your code and give you options to share your referral code with your friends.



 How to apply your free ride coupons:

  • On the booking page, select the ‘Coupons Available’ option
  • Choose the free ride coupon you want to apply


  • 3- apply coupon 1 droid


Please note:

  • If you are an Android user with an upgraded Ola app, you will receive the coupons on the app as well as via email
  • If you have not upgraded your app, you will receive the coupon via email. Please upgrade to have a seamless experience
  • For iOS users coupons will be sent via emails

PS: The amount of free ride coupons in the above images are only indicative. The actual amount you receive may vary, based on multiple factors.

Terms & Conditions:

    1. The free ride coupons are applicable on mini, Sedan and Prime rides only

    2. The coupon is applicable on one ride only

    3. Anyone who signs-up a referral code will get a coupon worth the value of the referral program at the time of sign-up. These values may change if our referral program changes during the sign-up

      a) You too will receive free ride coupons depending on the referral program  that is running when your friend signs-up once he/she completes the first ride

    4. When you sign-up with a referral code, you earn a first ride coupon. The coupon will expire if not applied on the first ride

    5. When your friend signs up with your code and takes the first ride, you earn a free ride coupon, which can be applied on any ride before the coupon expires

    6. If your bill amount  is less than your coupon amount, your free ride coupon will be fully used

    7. Ola reserves the right to revoke the free ride coupons or suspend your account at any time if we feel that the account is being misused or that our referral program is being violate

    8. No refund, either in the form of coupons or Ola Money, will be issued for free ride coupons

    9. Ola reserves the right to change the referral scheme at any time

    10. Multiple accounts with your email  address or fake email IDs is a violation of our policy and can render your account invalid for any referral or promotional scheme

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