I pledge to #GhoomoResponsibly

The longest weekend of the year is just around the corner, and we are sure you are gearing up for your  next outstation trip.

Amongst all this hustle, we wanted you to take a moment to think – are you a responsible traveller?

Our amazing country, with its numerous beautiful locales and travel destinations, needs to be taken care of. And the onus is on each and every traveller enjoying the beauty of these amazing destinations.

We at Ola have decided to pledge to be responsible travellers, you should too!

On your next trip remember to:

Ola and several state boards  viz. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam and Maharashtra have already partnered with each other to instil the importance of travelling right.

Now it is your turn to help us spread the word – Take the pledge #Ghoomoresponsibly and get exciting offers for you next road trip, courtesy Ola Outstation.

So go on!

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