Introducing Ola Share Express In Bangalore


Presenting Ola Share Express – Greater savings on fixed routes & no deviations!

Share Express makes ride-sharing even more pocket-friendly and seamless for you. With rides starting as low as Rs 30*, Share Express is up to 30% cheaper than regular Share rides and matches you only with travellers on your route.

This means you experience quicker Share rides on the most popular routes across your city, without going out of the way to pick-up co-passengers. For example, a Share Express ride from EGL,Domlur to Sony World, Koramangala sets you back by just Rs 30!

Update your Ola app to get started!

Wondering how you can book a Share Express ride? Here’s how:

Share Express rides only operate on fixed routes, your boarding and drop points would be on the fixed route but within walking distance. Express rides are available from 7am to 12 noon and 4pm to 11pm. 

Routes Time Routes Time
Munnekolala Accenture ITPL
6am-1pm ITPL Accenture Munnekolala 3pm- 11:30pm  View Map
Manyata HRBR ITPL Aceenture
6am-1pm Accenture ITPL HRBR Manayata  3pm- 11:30pm  View Map
IndiraNagar ITPL Accenture
6am-1pm Accenture ITPL IndiraNagar
3pm- 11:30pm  View Map
Kannamangala ITPL Accenture  6am-1pm Accenture ITPL Kannamangala  3pm- 11:30pm  View Map
Cessna Accenture ITPL
6am-1pm ITPL Accenture Cessna BTM
3pm- 11:30pm View Map 
VarthurKodi ITPL  6am-1pm ITPL VarthurKodi  3pm- 11:30pm View Map 
Bellandur Madiwala MGRoad  6am-1pm MGRoad Madiwala Bellandur  3pm- 11:30pm View Map 
SonySignal MGRoad
6am-1pm MGRoad SonySignal
3pm- 11:30pm View Map
BTM ChristCollege MGRoad
6am-1pm MGRoad ChistCollege BTM  3pm- 11:30pm View Map
Yelhanka WTC
6am-1pm  WTC Yelhanka
3pm- 11:30pm View Map
 BTM Cessna Mahadevpura  6am-1pm Mahadevpura Cessna BTM  3pm- 11:30pm View Map 
 Manyata HRBR Cessna BTM  6am-1pm BTM Cessna HRBR Manyata  3pm- 11:30pm View Map
Munnekolala Cessna  6am-1pm Cessna Munnekolala  3pm- 11:30pm View Map 
Sarjapur Cessna Manyata  6am-1pm Manyata Cessna Sarjapur  3pm- 11:30pm View Map
Yelahanka Manyata  6am-1pm Manyata Yelahanka  3pm- 11:30pm View Map
BTM EGL IndiraNagar Manyata  6am-1pm  Manyata IndiraNagar EGL BTM  3pm- 11:30pm View Map
IndiraNagar EGL ChristCollege  6am-1pm ChristCollege EGL IndiraNagar  3pm- 11:30pm View Map 
Munnekolala HAL EGL  6am-1pm EGL HAL Munnekolala  3pm- 11:30pm View Map
Kormangala ElectronicCity  6am-1pm ElectronicCity Kormangala
3pm- 11:30pm View Map
BTM NiceRoad ElectronicCity
6am-1pm ElectronicCity NiceRoad BTM
3pm- 11:30pm View Map
BLR MP34 Kundanhalli HAL MGRoad 6am-1pm MGRoad HAL Kundanhalli
3pm- 11:30pm View Map
 Munnekolala2 Accenture ITPL  6am-1pm ITPL Accenture Munnekolala2
3pm- 11:30pm
 JPNagar Marathalli Whitefield  6am-1pm Whitefield Marathalli JPNagar  3pm- 11:30pm

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