Introducing Ola Share Express In Indore

Presenting Ola Share Express – Greater savings and quicker Share rides on fixed routes with no deviations en-route!

Share Express makes ride-sharing even more pocket-friendly and seamless for you. With rides starting as low as Rs 25*, Share Express matches you only with travellers on your route.

This means you experience quicker Share rides on the most popular routes across your city, without going out of the way to pick-up co-passengers.

Update your Ola app to get started!

Wondering how you can book a Share Express ride? Here’s how: 

Your boarding and drop points would be on the fixed Express route but within walking distance.

Morning routes Time Evening routes Time Days View Map
KanchanBag to Airport (via South Tukoganj, Regal & Rajmohalla) 8am-3pm Airport to KanchanBag (via Rajmohalla, Regal & South Tukoganj) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Mhow Naka to Khajrana (via Collectorate, MG Road & New Palasia) 8am-3pm Khajrana to Mhow Naka (via New Palasia, MG Road & Collectorate) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Vijay Nagar to ManikBagh (via New Palasia, GPO & Sapna-Sangeeta) 8am-3pm ManikBagh to VijayNagar (via Sapna-Sangeeta, GPO & New Palasia) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Annapurna to Khatiwala Tank (via Usha Nagar & Collectorate) 8am-3pm Khatiwala Tank to Annapurna (via Collectorate & Usha Nagar) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Mahalaxmi Nagar to Bhawarkua (via Khajrana & Musakhedi) 8am-3pm Bhawarkua to Mahalaxmi Nagar (via Musakhedi & Khajrana) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Vijay Nagar to Photi Kothi (via MIG, Nagar Nigam & Bada Ganpati) 8am-3pm PhotiKothi to VijayNagar (via Bada Ganpati, Nagar Nigam & MIG) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Royal Bungalows to Gangwal Bus Stand (via Rajendra Nagar & Annapurna) 8am-3pm Gangwal Bus Stand to Royal Bungalows (via Annapurna & Rajendra Nagar) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Aurobindo Hospital to Radisson (via Sukhlia, Bapat & Vijay Nagar) 8am-3pm Radisson to Aurobindo Hospital (via Vijay Nagar, Bapat & Sukhlia) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Mhow Naka to Aurobindo Hospital (via Raj Mohalla, BadaGanpati & Banganga) 8am-3pm Aurobindo Hospital to Mhow Naka (via Banganga, Bada Ganpati & Raj Mohalla) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Hawa Bungalow to Rajwada (via Phooti Kothi, Usha Nagar & Biyabani) 8am-3pm Rajwada to Hawa Bunglow (via Biyabani, Usha Nagar & Phooti Kothi) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Sarwate Bus Stand to Sudama Nagar (via Juni Indore, Mhow Naka & Usha Nagar) 8am-3pm SudamaNagar to Sarwate (via Usha Nagar, Mhow Naka & Juni Indore) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map
Tower Chouraha to VIjay Nagar (via Chhawani, South Tukoganj & LIG) 8am-3pm VIjay Nagar to Tower Chouraha (via LIG, South Tukoganj & Chhawani) 3pm-11pm Mon-Sat View Map

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