Introducing Ola Share Express In Kolkata

Presenting Ola Share Express – Greater savings and quicker Share rides on fixed routes with no deviations en-route!

Share Express makes ride-sharing even more pocket-friendly and seamless for you. With rides starting as low as Rs 30*, Share Express is up to 30% cheaper than regular Share rides and matches you only with travellers on your route.

This means you experience quicker Share rides on the most popular routes across your city, without going out of the way to pick-up co-passengers. For example, a Share Express ride from Ultadanga to Salt Lake, Sector V sets you back by just Rs 45!

Update your Ola app to get started!

Wondering how you can book a Share Express ride? Here’s how: 

Your boarding and drop points would be on the fixed Express route but within walking distance. Interested in checking out the routes in Kolkata that Share Express operates currently?

Morning Routes Time Evening Routes Time Map
Dakshineswar Ultadanga Sector5 Newtown 7am-12pm Newtown Sector5 Ultadanga Dakshineswar 3pm-10pm View Map
Rajarhat Newtown Sector5 Sector1 7am-12pm Sector1 Sector5 Newtown Rajarhat  3pm-10pm View Map
Baguiati Kestopur Sector5 Sector1 7am-12pm Sector1 Sector5 Kestopur Bahuiati 3pm-10pm View Map
Kestopur Newtown Ecospace 7am-12pm Ecospace Newtown Kestopur 3pm-10pm View Map
Baguiati Sector5 Sector1 Newtown 7am-12pm Newtown Sector5 Sector1 Baguihati 3pm-10pm View Map
E.M.Bypass Kalikapur Sector5 Newtown 7am-12pm Newtown Sector5 Kalikapur E.M.Bypass 3pm-10pm View Map
Hugli BaraBazar Parkstreet 7am-12pm Parkstreet BaraBazar Hugli 3pm-10pm View Map
Surendranagar Howrah Bridge Esplanade Parkstreet 7am-12pm Parkstreet Esplanade Howrah Bridge Surendranagar 3pm-10pm View Map
Thakurpukur Behala Alipur Parkstreet Barabazar 7am-12pm Barabazar Parkstreet Alipur Behala Thakurpukur 3pm-10pm View Map
Rajarhat Baguiati Barabazar Parkstreet 7am-12pm Parkstreet Barabazar Baguiati Rajarghat 3pm-10pm View Map

Visit our blog for more details! Update your Ola app to get started.

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